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Shannon’s TEFL Journey: South Africa to Costa Rica

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Now, this quote may have come from Maya Angelou, but it certainly applies to this TEFL graduate as well: Shannon Bunjun. You may remember Shannon from a couple of blog posts or her video on Instagram. Recently, she has been hard at work more than ever before.

Shannon’s TEFL Team (Katelyn, Nickola, Tristan, Shannon)

Shannon, like many TEFL teachers in the COVID climate, currently teaches English online to students around the globe. Her day can start as early as 4 AM teaching with an international school. Then, around 7 AM, she switches to her second online job teaching Business English until 9 AM. With a quick bite to eat and a cup of strong coffee, Shannon begins her conversational English classes with three private students from Mexico until 12:30. Her afternoon is filled with a three-hour private class consisting of grammar and conversation practice. Finally, her last classes take place from 4-7 in the evening. Shannon is so grateful for her classes throughout the week, despite the busy schedule. Weekends, however, are more relaxed in order to recoup and enjoy the “pura vida” of Costa Rica.

Playa Sámara, Costa Rica

The TEFL journey for Shannon began long before she attended Costa Rica TEFL in May 2018. Through her university in South Africa, Shannon received a Degree in Teaching Arts and Culture and Design as well as an Honors Degree in Education. This led Shannon to a job in education. She developed teaching resources and ways in which teachers could adapt, modify, and implement lesson plans to meet the individual needs of their students. With the help of her job, Shannon’s passion for teaching grew from a small spark to an ever-growing flame— leading her to TEFL.

Shannon in her previous job with her coworkers

As much as she loved her job in South Africa, Shannon didn’t want to be limited to teaching in one place. Costa Rica TEFL was the solution. With all her creativity, compassion, and strong work ethic, Shannon passed the course with flying colors. Since her time in Sámara, Shannon has traveled all around Costa Rica and even had the opportunity to visit Panama. She has taught in the city as well as on the coast to students as young as 6 years old to 60 years old in classrooms, private sessions, and now online. 

Shannon on her first border run to Panama.

In her own words, “The past 3 years has been the most fulfilling yet rewarding experience. From the challenges of learning a new language to the rewards of learning more about… LIFE. I’ve never felt so free and independent.” Shannon’s TEFL certificate has given her the wings she dreamed of to travel the world, adventure, and create a new and beautiful life for herself.

Plane view above Costa Rica moments before touching down

Shannon is a TEFL superhero. From her multiple degrees in University, to her job at Costa Rica TEFL, to her journey teaching English, there truly is nothing she can’t do! We can’t wait to see where TEFL takes her next.

Shannon with some of her students

If you’re interested in Shannon’s story, be sure to check out her video on Instagram!

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