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TEFL Online!

  1. Do you have a high/ native level of English speaking and comprehension?
  2. Do you have a certification that enables you to teach English to non- native speakers? (Click here)
  3. Do you have a high-speed internet connection?
  4. Do you have access to a laptop with a webcam and a microphone?

Congratulations!!! You have the basic requirements to teach English online and can now start earning an income from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a remote worker, a stay at home mom or dad looking to earn a full- time income or a supplementary side income, the internet is a wonderful place, for teaching English online, that is 😉 But why?

Comfort is Key

Firstly, the comfort. Both you and the student are in your own comfort zones, learning a new language or anything new for that matter can be challenging. However, minus the stress, anxiety and added pressure of the outside world, it’s pretty easy.

Time Well- Spent

If you have formal teaching experience you’ll know that over and above, teaching there is admin… a lot of it, faculty meetings, reports, paperwork like filing, classroom attendance and just the general classroom clean up at the end of each day. Teaching English online allows you to spend your time doing the best part of the job- teaching.


You get to work whenever and wherever you want to. You set your own date and time schedule and you work that schedule ONLY. Whether you are visiting friends in the neighbourhood or vacationing in Thailand, you can avoid the risk of losing your job because of your trips and travels.

Zero Dress- Code

As long as the top 25% of your body (head and shoulders) is presentable, the rest doesn’t even matter, besides you’re never fully dressed without smile 🙂 If you’re the kind of person who does almost everything in their pyjamas, you can add ‘work’ to that list too.

Last but Certainly NOT Least!

If you are faced with a global pandemic and cannot work due to health and safety restrictions made by your government and your country. You can still make money in quarantine. It’s a win/win situation.

If I’ve convinced you that this is the job for you, then without any further ado… here is a list of some companies to teach English online with:


If you’re North American, this is an opportunity for you to teach English to students in China in classes of 25- 30 minutes each with lessons and materials provided for a potential earning of $22/ hour.

If you’re eligible to work in the US and Canada, this platform allows you to teach with already existing lesson plans to Chinese students with a pay rate of up to $20 / hour.

For a slightly more informal setting you can reach out to students worldwide who have some level of English but mostly want to practice their conversational skills.

If you are fluent in more than just English, you can teach that language. You set your own pay rate and create your own lessons which are then delivered via Skype or FaceTime.

Highly recommended for teachers in the US and UK to teach English to Chinese children with all lesson materials available for you.

Available for all accents (FINALLY), this is an application that connects English teachers with Chinese students. Sign up as an official teacher and deliver lessons or as a “free talk” teacher and practice conversational skills.

This platform prepares students for the real world, focusing on spoken and written English skills. Students come from all corners of the globe and vary in ages. You set up your own profile and if the student likes you, he/she books you.

There are tons of online schools available on the internet, the options above are amongst some of the most recommended recognized. You just have to spare some time searching, it’ll be worth it.

Now go on and get searching, applying and teach your heart out!

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