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Congratulations August TEFLers!

From all of us here are CR TEFL- CONGRATS AUGUST 2011 GROUP! Way to go! All seven students past the exam – with very good grades and we are even more excited to say that 5 of our 7 grads have either volunteer jobs or REAL employment all lined.  All jump right in starting in the next couple of days/weeks! You many be wondering about the other 2? . . . Well they just so happen to have made other plans to travel around South American and to head home and figure out their next step. Wherever our TEFL GRAD’s trail lead, we know that they will find success!

Its is almost hard to believe the course is over.  The four weeks of course FLEW BY! It seems like just yesterday everyone was arriving for the first time and getting to know one another.  Now, friendships have been made, and the CELEBRATION is tonight at Tabanucos! One of the best places in town for a Friday night!

Again, we are very proud of our grads and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors! Just don’t forget about us here in Samara 🙂

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