5 Reasons to Join Costa Rica TEFL on Your Gap Year!

5 Reasons to Join Costa Rica TEFL on Your Gap Year!

So, you have just graduated high school and all you can think is, “now what?” 

You know that you don’t want to go back to school right away. You also want an opportunity to travel but also make some money while doing so. How about moving to Costa Rica to teach English and learn Spanish?! Here are 5 of the many reasons to join Costa Rica TEFL on your gap year!

1. Valuable accreditation for your resume

Upon completion of the program, you will be fully certified by our Internationally Accredited TEFL course to teach English  in your home country or abroad. This means that you can teach English as a foreign or second language almost anywhere in the world! No matter what you plan on doing in the future, this certification is a valuable qualification to have on a resume. When applying for jobs after your gap year, the experience of living and working abroad will also set you apart from the pack. Many other applicants likely won’t have experienced and adapted to life outside of their comfort zone. 

2. Opportunity to travel

After COVID-19, so many of us just want to get out and see the world since we never know when things could shut down again. Costa Rica is such a beautiful country with so much to offer. There are national parks, volcanos, wildlife reserves, waterfalls, and much much more. Not to mention that while you’re here, you will have the opportunity to travel to surrounding countries. Popular ones with our graduates include Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and so many others! Many of our grads get the travel bug and become digital nomads who teach online and continue to travel. Additionally, flights are short and relatively cheap within Central America, which opens up so many possibilities for travel! With endless varieties of landscapes, your Instagram game will be next level!

One of our graduates travelling in Argentina!

3. Make money teaching after the course

Through our program, we provide lifetime job placement assistance. This means that starting week 2 of the course, we assist you in the job placement process by getting you interviews for jobs either in Costa Rica or abroad and prepping you for the interview process. Once you secure a job, it will give you the stability of an income while also living the “pura vida” lifestyle (a Costa Rican saying that means pure life or good life). This income can be pivotal for many during their gap year to help fund future endeavours or pay for your travels!

4. Create life-long friendships

Every month, we see groups of strangers create lasting friendships with their TEFL classmates. This program gives you a chance to meet like-minded people from around the world. You will be able to learn and grow with these friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Some of our past graduates in Monteverde!

5. Get exposed to a new culture & learn Spanish

Being exposed to a new culture allows you to develop adaptation skills that can be used for the rest of your life. Not to mention, being immersed in a language helps you to learn it at a much quicker pace than if you were to attempt to learn it in an English speaking country. Costa Rican culture is warm and welcoming, and the richness of the culture facilitates learning and growth on a personal level. 

Now that you have read over our 5 reasons to join Costa Rica TEFL on your gap year, can you think of a better way to spend your time? Sign up for Costa Rica TEFL now to get your journey started!

Send us an email at info@costaricatefl.com for more information or for an application form!

By: Lizzy Fenn

Administrative Coordinator CRTEFL

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