Demy's Dream Destination!

Demy’s Dream Destination!

Costa Rica is on many people’s bucket lists as a dream destination; this was true for Demy. Demy graduated from Costa Rica TEFL in December of 2022 and is now teaching in Jaco (pronounced “Hacko”). She teaches English, science, and math to grades 3 and 4. She and her husband, Twoyne, both took the course together and ended up getting jobs teaching at the same school! Talk about meant to be!

Demy and Twoyne exploring in Jaco!

Demy chose to become TEFL certified because she really wanted to dive into her love of language, culture, and traveling while also making money (a win-win, am I right?!). More specifically, she chose Costa Rica TEFL because she felt as though she needed more experience, even having done a TEFL course online in the past and just like most of our graduates, she had no prior professional teaching experience. She said, “I tried the course online and it just didn’t stick. I knew I needed in-person learning and went on the search. I discovered Costa Rica as an option and there was no way I would not choose paradise!” Demy chose Costa Rica as her destination country because, “Costa Rica has always been a bucket list place and I’ve known for quite a while I wanted to live abroad.” 

Her experiences at Costa Rica TEFL

During the course, Demy learned many skills that she has continued to use in her teaching in Jaco. She explains, “I learned that something being ‘hard’ is a mental head space and can be conquered. No matter how many times I say ‘I can’t’, ‘it’s too hard’ etc. I always overcome it! So, why allow those thoughts when I can just do it! I got this!”

We could not have summed it up better ourselves! Taking TEFL is about taking risks, learning new skills, and embracing new experiences.

Demy teaching at her school in Jaco!

Demy’s favourites

Although there are many to choose from, Demy’s favourite part about teaching is “when my students walk away knowing more than they did coming in, and knowing I did my job successfully.”

More specifically, her favourite teaching experience is “seeing the joy on students’ faces after mastering what’s being taught. Or playing games and students genuinely having a good time learning a new skill.”

As for her favourite part about Costa Rica, Demy explains that it is “the Pura Vida life! The people! The melting pot of personalities and carefree attitudes! Costa Rica feels like freedom!”

Additionally, her best experience in Costa Rica has been “meeting new people and embracing a new culture. Challenging myself in ways I hadn’t thought of. Growing my communication skills, patience and attentiveness.”


Day-to-day life

Demy’s weekday schedule usually looks a little something like this:

5:00am – wake up

6:30am – head to school

7:00am – 3:00pm – teaching both grades 3 subjects with 4 breaks 

3:00pm – 3:30pm – arrive home and head to the beach or jump in the pool!

3:05pm – pour a glass of wine because it’s needed!

This may be her schedule during the week, but on the weekends Demy and her husband spend their time trying new foods, enjoying excursions, partying with other teachers, being a beach bum, discovering new towns, and enjoying life!

Advice from Demy

To people who are considering coming to take TEFL in Costa Rica, Demy says, “you can do it! Take the leap of faith and get it done! Nothing is in your way but fear! The support you’ll receive during and after is remarkable and you’ll never feel alone so why not? Life is full of experiences, make this one of them!”

Demy emphasizes that having an open mind and embracing your support system are the two most important things to consider when coming to Costa Rica to take your TEFL certification. Luckily, here at Costa Rica TEFL we are here to support you through every step of your journey to living your best life in your dream destination!


By: Lizzy Fenn

Administrative Coordinator, CRTEFL

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