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To Infinity and Beyond: How TEFL has taken one graduate all around the world!

January 4, 2018

Costa Rica TEFL graduate Deziree Teague has traveled to over 20 new countries and taught in 4 since graduating in February 2013!

Deziree completed our TEFL course in February 2013 and has since taught in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Spain, and Australia. She is currently teaching at a school called Greenwich College in Melbourne, Australia, where she teaches adults who come from all over the world: Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Russia, Belgium, and Japan, to name a few. Most students are between 18-35 years old and she primarily teaches pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate classes.

Melbourne is a large coastal city in southeastern Australia. The city center is exciting and bustling, with cool neighborhoods in the surrounding area laden with bars, cafes, and parks. Melbourne is known for its “bi-polar” weather patterns, but overall the winters are cool and the summers are warm. In her free time, Deziree enjoys taking salsa lessons, volunteering with a local church, doing fitness classes, and taking day trips. Since 2013, Deziree has travelled to over 20 new countries, including Greece, India, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Germany, and more.

As Deziree tells us, “Costa Rica TEFL was the foundation that prepared me for my teaching career. The activities and games I learned during the course prepared me to work in environments with very little resources as well as institutions with the most high-tech tools. I utilize the communicative approach on a daily basis to keep my classes dynamic and engaging. And of course, all of the grammatical knowledge I gained from the course has prepared me to teach grammar in a way that is comprehensible to my students. Overall, Costa Rica TEFL taught me to be creative, resourceful, and confident!”

Within the next year Deziree plans to continue teaching in Australia and then spend a couple of months backpacking through Southeast Asia. Her long-term goal is to get her MBA and combine her teaching experience to lead financial literacy courses for underserved communities.

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