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Life as a Digital Nomad


Meet Annie Moss, June 2019 TEFL graduate. Right now Annie is living in Sanur on the east coast of Bali, Indonesia working for Study Bali International. Annie explains that she works in “an online classroom environment” and teaches online classes. She teaches a variety of people, including “small groups of children, corporate classes, private and group international students, and summer/winter camps for our Chinese and Korean clients.” On her life outside of work, Annie says “When I am not teaching I am living the healthy Bali lifestyle, eating cheap amazing food, hanging out by the beach and exploring the surroundings. Although being from Australia means I have been to Bali many times before, there is still so much to see here! So my free weekends are still filled with adventure!”

Why did you choose to become TEFL certified?

“I had been traveling alone internationally for 5 years and knew I wanted more. I was sick of returning home and a lot of my travels were planned in between whatever leave I could get from work – which always felt so rushed.” Annie goes on to explain, “I craved a slower pace and to immerse myself into cultures rather than just experience them.” Through trips around South America and the Philippines, Annie met some people who were teaching English.  “They planted the seed that it could be a possibility for me to work and travel,” she says.

 Additionally, Annie explains, “Earlier this year I was in a period of needing change for my mental well being. My family encouraged me to get my TEFL certification. They knew it would be something positive I could do for my future and myself. I never expected to have such a passion for teaching, and to have such a rewarding experience!”

Why Costa Rica TEFL?

“Since traveling to South America in 2017 I have had a ‘pull’ to Costa Rica. I couldn’t explain it to anyone but something was telling me to go. I researched and looked into other TEFL courses around Asia and even Nicaragua but my heart was set on Costa Rica. When I found Costa Rica TEFL in Samara I couldn’t be happier. I knew 100% this was where I needed to do it.” Costa Rica TEFL is located in a walk-able, friendly beach town along the Pacific Coast. Annie explains, “I liked the sound of the location and that you got Spanish and yoga classes as an extra bonus. The support I received through the whole course plus even post completion has been incredible.”

Personal Growth

“I learned that being flexible and adaptable is major in a classroom, and also to always double check your preparation. I surprised myself while completing my TEFL, as I had the assumption that I was terrified of speaking in front of a group. However, since teaching my first class at Costa Rica TEFL I adjusted and now find it quite a liberating feeling.” Annie continues on, explaining that her TEFL journey was more than just professional. She says, “I have been on a journey of personal growth and completing my TEFL has helped me with this process of learning, growing and accepting who I am as a person. The biggest thing I learned was that no matter what happens in class, have fun!! That is what I love about TEFL teaching, you can be as creative as you wish and have so much fun with it.”


“Every day was amazing at Costa Rica TEFL; I cannot talk up the experience enough. From waking up to gorgeous mornings and walking along the beach or doing yoga to eating pineapple whilst playing with friendly beach. Not to mention the incredible connections you make with the locals through the free English lessons. It was all more than I could have ever asked for or imagined. The best part for me though was definitely meeting my now good friend, Madi from Toronto and forming an unbreakable connection and friendship.”

“I know I got super lucky with Costa Rica TEFL” Annie says. “Choosing to take a course like this puts you in a position with a lot of like-minded people. Surrounding yourself with these people makes the experience a whole lot more amazing and life a whole let better. Whilst in Samara completing my TEFL I never felt so at peace with who I was, where I was, and where I was headed.”

Future Plans

“My plans for after [this job] are not set in stone, however I would like to keep working teaching English somewhere else after a little bit of travel. I do not plan to go back to Australia for a while, which is why teaching English is so beneficial for my life at the moment. There are so many opportunities around the world; the hardest part is choosing one.”

Parting Advice

Annie answers the question ‘should you become TEFL certified?’ with “You won’t regret it!”

She continues, “You will be challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone more than you could ever think! But you will be so grateful for the experience and things you learn from it. My only negative is that it isn’t longer than 4 weeks! I definitely wanted that lifestyle to last.”


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