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Do you want to see the world, experience new cultures and languages, and live abroad? What better way than by teaching English? Gone are the days when just any Native English speaker can get hired to teach English; most quality schools now require teaching experience and a TEFL / TESOL Certificate. The Costa Rica TEFL faculty is combining its 30+ years of experience in teaching foreign languages to offer you a unique opportunity to earn a TEFL/TESOL certificate that will qualify you to teach EFL / ESL in Costa Rica or anywhere in the world. Get in touch to find out more, or confirm your place. We offer a balanced program which focuses on key areas for being a successful TEFL / TESOL teacher: teaching methodologies, teaching techniques, learning styles, classroom management, classroom adaptation, culture in the classroom, effective lesson planning, creativity in the classroom and more. Costa Rica TEFL has highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors who have taught English in Costa Rica and around the globe. The core instructors all have Masters degrees and/or higher in Education and in teaching English as a second or foreign language with more than 30 years of professional teaching experience.

Housing assistance is available in both Samara and Heredia for those interested and can be either with local families, independent residences, or in local hotels.



What will it cost me?
With a TEFL Certificate, that includes actual classroom teaching, you will earn an average of 20% to 30% more than those without a certificate. The cost of the Costa Rica TEFL/ TESOL course is on average, 25% less than most other face-to-face courses.

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Two campus locations in Costa Rica
Costa Rica TEFL has two prime locations from which to choose; the beautiful beach town of Playa Samara on the Guanacaste coast and the colonial city of Heredia.



The teacher trainers use a variety of teaching techniques in the TEFL classroom and customize additional workshops to fit trainees specific needs. Trainees are given prep-time and aid in lesson planning as well as feedback pre and post observations. Trainees also team-teach, observe each other and give peer feedback. This gives trainees the chance to experience and try out new strategies and techniques in a supportive learning atmosphere, while gaining skills and confidence as a new teacher. The course consists of 160 hours of training and includes 10(min)-20(max) hours of practice teaching with local EFL students. Trainees will be given job placement assistance which they can use while they complete the course or at a later date. Teachers will also complete a portfolio of their work throughout the course, which will be used in their future classrooms and as a tool during job interviews.

Costa Rica TEFL Teachers and Staff

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“I enjoyed the activities we did in class – we learned how to bring everything into our very own classrooms. I learned how to be a good English teacher and I feel like I have a lot more self-confidence. I know I’m going to do a great job on my own.”

Robert Palmer

“Amazing course that really exceeded my expectations.”

Chuck Peabody May 2015 (USA)

“I enjoyed many aspects of the program, the staff is amazing: knowledgeable, encouraging, flexible and supportive. The text is well written and very informative.”

Christine Kuritzkes February 2015 (USA)

“I can walk away knowing that I have gained important skills to continue teaching and knowing I have a support system when I leave here.”

Debora Winsor March 2015 (USA)
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